I started my journey with Dak 9 months ago, with the recommendation from Emad, and it's been an amazing journey so far! Dak has changed my whole mindset on nutrition and training. Her approach comes from such understanding and care, but she also tells you how it is when you need that little push. I've tried almost every diet out there prior to meeting Dak, I saw other peoples transformation photos and always thought that was an achievable goal for me as nothing has worked in the past. Working alongside Dak has shown me how simple it can be! Nutrition is not as complicated as it is made out to be, once you have that basic understanding, it's so easy to maintain. I know this is now a lifestyle for me. Training has also been a big wakeup call for me after starting with Dak, she took me back to basics and I had to put aside my pride, lower my weights and just start from scratch, but i'm so grateful for it! The change has been incredible, Im lifting a lot lighter, but seeing more change in my physique and how I move and perform lifts. My mindset and overall wellbeing is the best it's been in a long time, I'm just happier and more confident within myself. All I can say is, Dak is an amazing and kind human, you can tell she has a passion for what she does and genuinely wants to help people achieve their goals, whatever they may be. Thank you for all your help and guidance, I'm ever so grateful to have you in my life, not only as my coach but now, as my friend.


I first reached out to Dakoda at the start of Covid-19 lockdown. I was looking for guidance with my nutrition during what was going to be a challenging time. My main focus was to fuel my body with the nutrition I needed to train and recover properly while caring and supporting my family. What I was surprised at finding in the first couple of weeks is that my nutrition plan was normal delicious food. Dakoda was open and receptive of my food requirements, as well as keeping me up to date with my measurements, tracking and check-ins. Initially I was looking for weight loss, but with the guidance of Dakoda not only did I achieve this I also learnt to positively change my attitude towards food. I would recommend Dakoda to people who are looking to understand their body and nutrition - but also learning to love their food and laugh along the way.


A chance meeting less than a year ago & it's been a great ride. Dakoda, I met, when looking for a powerlifting coach, i had seen her train multiple times as we trained at the same time a few times….. stalker!!!  Anyway eventually messaged her to take over my training and one year later I wouldn't change a thing. I am a coach myself and pride myself on seeking out amazing coaches to learn from and Dakoda, i am still learning from every single week. Since training with Dakoda i have competed in 2 powerlifting competitions. Competing in both in under a year of being in the sport. Having done and loved strength training for a few years already, everything about the sport of powerlifting I really just enjoy. She will tell you if your form is good or bad, and do everything to help you change it to be more efficient in your movements. I love we get to witness nutrition & strength goal achievements  on social media weekly, with her encouraging shoutouts on how her clients are going. All that aside, she makes training so fun!! Amazing coach, amazing person in general I  would highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting to achieve some big big goals. Or coaches wanting to better themselves and learn some things they may not already know  or want to get better at and  take that information back into their own coaching. Thankyou for teaching me all that you have so far and thanks for being one hell of a human!!!

Susan Bell

I have been working with Dakoda for the past 7 months and I wish I reached out to her a lot sooner then I did. She is the most caring and supportive coach I have ever had. She listens to your goals and what you want to achieve and will do everything to help you get there. She guides, supports and motivates you the whole way through, and when you hit your milestones celebrates right along side you. I seriously can’t thank her enough for what she has done for me and continuing to do for me as we work together on new goals for a fit and healthy life. She has literally changed my life and I couldn’t be more happy and grateful all thanks to her.

Kate Holdsworth

I started working with Dakoda in September 2019 to correct some bad lifting habits that I'd picked up over the years. Dak is a patient coach who gives her all to her clients. She is very approachable and a great communicator. Professional and highly skilled in her craft.The thing I love most about Dak is that she will take the time to breakdown each movement and explain the rationale behind it. I have gained so much knowledge and confidence since working with her and my lifts have improved greatly. Dak pushes me further than I've ever gone before. She genuinely cares about all her clients and this is demonstrated through her consistent training sessions and detailed programs. I couldn't recommend Dakoda enough. She is a great coach and has also become a great friend too. Forever grateful!

Bianca Nitchov

I have been an online client of Dak strength for a short 4-5 weeks so far. I’m overwhelmed by how much I’ve learnt in such a short period of time! Even our first phone call before I even signed up to be a client she was educating me on things no one has told me before. I felt instantly comfortable and I knew I was in good hands. I learnt very quickly that she knows her stuff, and I would learn a lot from her. And her programming is next level. Dakoda has not only changed my lifting techniques, but also taught me the reason WHY. And since I started everything is making so much more sense to me. I feel so confident in my lifting now. When I have a rough session she’s there to talk me through it and correct it. Her check in weekly are so detailed I can’t keep up sometimes haha she goes through every single exercise and asks questions as well as giving me advice for next week and how to improve it. I trust Dakoda and I am so glad I made the decision to be coached by her. I would highly recommend this lady! Not only is she a absolute beast she will coach you into becoming one.

Tamara Campion

I’ve been with Dakoda for six weeks now as a nutrition client and I’ve been so happy to be able to drop weight slowly and steadily (healthily) without feeling deprived while being supported by Dakoda. Dakoda’s approach is professional but also genuinely caring and approachable while also being firm when I’ve needed it. Dakoda really seems to understand that life (and nutrition) has its ups and downs and is fantastic at guiding me through this without judgment. I would recommend Dakoda as a coach in any aspect as she’s effective in getting results and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Loureen Kelly

I found the Dak side after losing a lot of direction in my training. With Dakoda I began to rebuild a sense of purpose, self confidence, and a much stronger sense of self. Both in and out of the gym. Dak goes above and beyond for all of her clients to ensure they are not only achieving their goal, but applies evidence based research to her protocols and ensure her clients leave each session with a better understanding of their body mechanics.

Jess Courtney

Came across Dakoda on Instagram, really fell I love with her positive out look on dieting & how encouraging she is towards her clients. I got in contact with Dakoda for help with weight loss as I felt like I was in a rut and couldn’t get out, after a 45 minute phone about my food history, training & any health worries I had we were set & I feeling super positive about the future. 10 weeks later & lots of messaging Dakoda for help & advice I’m 8 kilos & 64 cms down I could not recommend Dakota more! Thank you Dakota without your help I wouldn’t be feeling myself so much, I got my confidence back 🤍

Zoe Walters

Dak is the coach that you want to make happy. She makes sure you know that she cares. She probably cares more than you do sometimes. And to me, that’s what matters the most, having a coach that I want to do well for. Not a burden, and not a pain, I just want to push harder because it makes me proud and it makes her proud. The improvements I’ve made have been more than physical. I’ve finally realised my potential and that’s from listening to Dak and being able to talk to her about everything; weight, food, training, mood, and just everything. The best thing I did in powerlifting was pay attention to this woman from the get go.

Kimmy Russel

In my time with Dak she has provided consistent support surrounding my training and nutrition as-well as her willingness to help out where she can. Her nutrition advice kept me accountable and taught me a new relationship with food that I hadn’t developed previously. Her training blocks pushed me to my absolute limits and built some confidence within myself that I didn’t believe was possible. And most importantly her friendship has taught me to keep pushing myself until I reach that goal.

Alana Daquino

Her meal plans were simple and easy to prepare and follow. The regular check-ins held me accountable and helped me to lose weight without having to over think everything. When things weren’t going the way we wanted she would always work with me to figure out what the cause was and how to fix it. Dakoda uses a holistic approach and also looks at other factors that could be inhibiting weight loss such as emotional factors or stress and offers sound advice and support to try and help overcome them. Working with Dakoda helped me to be the lightest I have been in years and I cannot thank her enough for her unwavering support and guidance. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking into nutrition coaching.

Nicole Slater

There's so much to love about Dakoda and this is what sets her apart from other PT's (and trust me, I've worked with a few). Firstly and I think most importantly, she is GENUINELY vested in your goals, performance and progress (successes and stalls). I trust she will get me where I need to be! Secondly, she is absolutely committed to continuous learning. She strives to improve her craft constantly and this shows up in her attention to your personal training needs. Thirdly, she is a form GURU (some may say Nazi), which is critical to performance. In a world where gym enthusiasts are suddenly becoming PT's, this is a rare and valued skill. Lastly, she is just an all round nice gal! She will support your highs with genuine pride and get you out of your lows with belief, structure and experience!

Fiona Bounias

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